Sunday, November 27, 2011

...twirling my thumbs sidestage...

It's the silliest thing... I have been looking forward to putting together a blog for a couple months, now that it's up and running, I am sitting here, nervous and don't really know what Id like to say.  It's a feeling simular to stage fright. So silly. 

I have plenty on my mind, many opinions and a spectrum of interests. I would like to aim this towards my life as a career woman.  There are many subjects I would like to address but they mostly pertain to aparrel since this is the industry I am fully engulfed in.  I love fabrics, especially Silk Mikado.  I am very attracted to bold and rich color.  I have a great work ethic and a passion for the perfect fit.

In truth, I am using this as a digital journal to document experiences for myself.  I need a format to place the ideas that swirl in my head.  I do not know who my "audience" will be and I am unsure if I will really have one but...  I intend to dance my thoughts freely, center stage, in this auditorium of blog with my arms outstretched and my eyes closed tight.

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